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Marcos Traditional Sunday Roast

Book now to enjoy an incredible roast every Sunday at our Marcos NYI restaurant!

After a weekend with friends, family or taking some well deserved time out for yourself, our Sunday roast will provide the addition with only the best cuts of meat and sumptuous sides! 

Book your table online or call 01454 260502. 


Traditional Sunday Roast

Sunday is all about rest and recuperation - so don't slave over the stove, let us cook you a delicious, gravy soaked Sunday roast, using Campbell Brothers' finest quality aged meats. It's better than Mum's, but we wont tell her that!
£15.95 per person

For The Table

Rosemary Focaccia, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs VE | £4.95
Martini olives, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs VE | £3.95


Roast chicken breast
Roast sirloin of beef, horseradish

Served with all the trimmings
Roast potatoes | Pigs in blankets | Yorkshire pudding | Box-tree braised red cabbage | Buttered garden peas | Sage & onion stuffing | Madeira roasting juices

Additional Sides

Add cauliflower cheese | £4.25

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