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Marco's A La Carte Menu

Our main a la carte menu boasts mouth-watering Italian dishes including succulent steaks, pizzas and pastas. All of which is complemented by American favourites such as ribs and burgers, offering something for every taste and budget.

Inspired by Marco's Italian roots and his love for New York, tuck into an eclectic mix of favourites and latest trends from 'the city that never sleeps' and traditional Italian staples. True to his roots, Marco's ethos is to ensure his dishes are always fresh, authentic and simple whether for date night or a family gathering. 

The perfect blend of authentic Italian dishes and crowd-pleasing classics from New York
Open 7 days a week | 5pm to 9pm

Special Offer: Kids Eat Free!

We're making sure that your family days out don't break the bank!
Kids eat free in Marco's between 5pm and 7pm every evening. 
One free kids main for every adult main. Offer ends 30th November 2024.

Father's Day

He may not be De Niro, but if your dad's a proper Goodfella, show him you care by treating him to a scrumptious roast, or a mouthwatering steak at Marco's! Book now for Sunday 16th June and get ready to celebrate with us this Father's Day! 
We look forward to welcoming you to Marco's New York Italian South Gloucestershire!

Anthony Greenidge
General Manager

Spring Menu Seasonal Specials

“To know how to eat well, one must first know how to wait” 

Classic English asparagus, hollandaise sauce V | £9.50 (336kcal)
Poached pear & Clawson Blue cheese salad, spring chicory, candid walnuts, merlot vinegar V VE* | £8.50 (398 kcal)
Minestrone soup, croutons fresh herbs V | £7.50 (272 kcal)


Supreme of sea trout, English spring asparagus, hens egg béarnaise sauce | £22.95 (638 kcal)
Spring vegetable spaetzle, peas, English asparagus, spinach, garlic butter | £14.50 (1020 kcal)
Chimichurri glazed baked cauliflower, roasted piccolo  tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil VE | £14.50 (173 kcal)

A La Carte Menu

Rosemary focaccia, extra virgin olive oil | £5.50 VE (408 kcal)
Martini olives, extra virgin olive oil | £4.50 VE (222 kcal)


Garlic pizza bread, fresh rosemary V | £5.50 (374 kcal)
Add tomato sauce £1 (386 kcal), Add mozzarella £1.45 (523 kcal) 
Zucchini Fritti, aged Italian hard cheese, fresh lime V VE* | £6.50 (328 kcal)
Carpaccio of heritage beetroot salad, goat's cheese, candied walnuts, merlot vinegar V VE* | £8.50 (477 kcal)
Salt & Pepper calamari, chilli, spring onion, Andalucian mayonnaise | £9.95 (568 kcal)
Bruschetta sun-dried &sun blush tomatoes, Bresaola, wild rocket | £9.50 (328 kcal)
American loaded nacho's, Jalapenos, sour cream, cheese sauce, chilli, guacamole, red onion V | £8.95 (736 kcal)
Buffalo Chicken tenders, Frank's Buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese dip  | £9.95 (551 kcal)
Avocado caesar salad, Garlic, anchovies, Parmesan, Romaine, hen's egg, croutons | £8.50 (333 kcal)
Add grilled chicken £2.50 (105 kcal) Add grilled prawns £.3.50 (193 kcal)
Crispy jumbo prawns, Chimichurri, fresh lime | £10.50 (363 kcal)

New York Grill

Finest quality aged grass fed Campbell Brothers' meat served with Koffman fries, vine roasted Piccolo tomatoes (Upgrade to sweet potato fries)

Tenderloin Fillet | 6oz £29.95 (777kcal) / 12oz £43.50 (1010 kcal)
Delmonico's Ribeye | 10oz £28.95 (994 kcal) 
New York strip sirloin | 8oz £26.95 (930 kcal) / 16oz £37.95 (1320)
Butcher's choice | 6oz £19.50 (752 kcal) 
Surf & turf | Fillet steak, garlic king prawns, roasted Piccolo tomatoes £34.50 (1129 kcal) 
Mixed grill for two | Butcher's steak, hickory BBQ ribs, garlic king prawns, grilled chicken £41.50 (2352 kcal) 
Steak & ribs | Butcher's steak, hickory BBQ ribs, remoulade £26.50 (1173 kcal) 

Sauces & Toppings

Clawson Stilton Sauce | £3.50 (78 kcal)
Peppercorn | £3.50 (97 kcal)
Chimichurri | £3.50 (83kcal)
Garlic Parsley Butter | £3.50 (290 kcal)
Garlic King Prawns | £5.25 (290 kcal)

 The American burger, Brioche bun, BBQ glaze, cured bacon, Monterey Jack, beef tomato, crisp lettuce, sweet pickled cucumber | £18.50 (1359 kcal)
The Milanese burger, Crispy chicken, brioche bun, Monterey Jack, garlic mayonnaise, beef tomato, crisp lettuce | £17.95 (1552 kcal)
The pig burger, Brioche bun, BBQ glaze, onion rings, Monterey Jack, beef tomato, crisp lettuce, honey mustard sauce | £15.95 (1619 kcal)

Sourdough Pizza 

Margherita, mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil V | £12.95 (829 kcal)
Pepperoni Piccanti, mozzarells, tomato sauce, spiced pepperoni | £14.50 (1194 kcal) 
Marinara, tomato sauce, fresh garlic, oregano | £12.95 (733 kcal) 
Goat's cheese, caramelized red onion, wild rocket, extra virgin olive oil | £13.95 (847 kcal) 
Romana, mozzarella, tomato sauce, anchovies, fresh basil, black olives, capers | £13.95 (931 kcal) 
Prosciutto di Parma, tomato sauce, wild rocket, Parmesan, extra virgin olive oil | £14.50 (889 kcal) 
Carne, mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, Parma ham, bresaola, wild rocket, extra virgin olive oil | £15.95 (1065 kcal) 
Calabrese, mozzarella, tomato sauce, 'nduja sausage, pepperoni, honey, fresh basil | £14.50 (1191 kcal) 
Beef & blue, mozzarella, tomato sauce, butchers beef steak, Clawson Stilton, truffle oil, wild rocket | £15.95 (1116kcal) 

Dips for crusts

£2 each

Garlic mayonnaise  (175 kcal) 
Honey & mustard mayonnaise (146 kcal)
Adalucian mayonnaise (174 kcal)
Clawson Stilton Sauce (174 kcal)
Frank's Buffalo (7 kcal)


Hickory BBQ ribs, remoulade, wild rocket | £18.95 (683 kcal)
Grilled sea trout alla sicilian, piperade bell red peppers, capers, extra virgin olive oil | £17.95 (354 kcal)
Pomodoro linguine, tomato sauce, fresh basil V | £14.50 (419 kcal)
add fresh chilli for Arrabiata 
Carbonara linguine, hen's egg, Parmesan, smoked pancetta | £15.50 (1013 kcal)
Lasagne ragu alla bolognese, white sauce, Parmesan V* | £16.50 (650 kcal) 
Baked chicken saltimbocca, Parma ham, Italian sausage, fresh sage, wild rocket, Parmesan & Piccolo tomato salad  | £15.95 (507 kcal) 
Fritto misto, crispy calamari, battered king prawn, Andalusian mayonnaise, fresh lemon  | £16.95 (794 kcal) 
Baked spinach and ricotta cannelloni, aged Italian hard cheese | £16.95 (631 kcal) 
Rigatoni Bolognese, ragu all bolognese, parmesan | £14.50 (565 kcal) 
Classic macaroni cheese, mozzarella, aged Italian hard cheese | £14.50 (889 kcal) 
add pancetta | £2.50 (162 kcal) 


Koffmann fries, VE | £3.95 (444 kcal) sweet potato fries, VE | £4.50 (418 kcal) truffle & parmesan fries,  | £4.75 (482 kcal) crispy onion rings VE | £4.50 (356 kcal) remoulade V | £3.95 (240 kcal) wild rocket, parmesan & piccolo tomato salad £4.75 (146 kcal) macaroni cheese V | £4.50 (303 kcal) Panzanella salad VE | £4.95 (77 kcal)


Etom mess 'the perfect mistake', fresh strawberries & raspberries  | £7.50 (468 kcal)
Classic tiramisu, Espresso soaked sponge, Mascarpone cream, cocoa  | £7.50 (325 kcal)
Warm baked chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce V | £6.95 (632 kcal)
Baked New York cheesecake, blueberries V | £6.95 (357 kcal)
Banana boat sundae, Vanilla ice cream, toasted flaked almonds, chocolate sauce, whipped vanilla cream V | £6.95 (775 kcal)
Espresso affogato, vanilla ice cream, espresso V | £6.50 (429 kcal)
Maple & pecan pie, vanilla ice cream, bourbon V | £7.95 (538 kcal)
Selection of ice creams & sorbets, ask your server for flavours V / VE | £6.50 (255kcal)
Union Jack cheese plate, Rutland Red, White Stilton, Blue Stilton, Vintage Cheddar, Fig Chutney, Peter’s Yard biscuits V | £7.95 (580)


Guests with food allergies and intolerances, please make a member of the team aware before placing an order for food or drink. Please note all of our dishes are prepared in a kitchen where cross contamination may occur, and we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. Our menu descriptions do not list all ingredients. All weights are uncooked. A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added. All prices include VAT at the current rate. *Contains alcohol. Adults need around 2000kcal a day. (V) Vegetarian. (VE) Vegan

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